Antarctic Krill

Antarctic krill is a very large sustainable resource that is being carefully managed on an ongoing basis by several international organizations. CCMALR, the 25-nation organization that manages all fishing activities in the Antarctic Ocean, has estimated Antarctic krill to be the single largest biomass of any species on the planet.

In actual weight, it is estimated to be about twice as large as the human population or about 500 million metric tons.

CCMALR has established an annual harvesting quota of less than 1% — or 3,47 million tons. The average annual amount of krill harvested over the last 10 years has been far below that, at about 118,000 tons — or about 3.4% of CCMALR's quota.

S.O.S. Krill is made from krill harvested by Aker BioMarine, which is the only krill fishery in the world that has been certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).

In addition, CCMALR and the World Wildlife Fund have scientists onboard Aker BioMarine’s vessel during the fishing season to continuously monitor the entire operation and ensure minimum impact on other predatory species and the environment.

We are very proud of our partnership with Aker BioMarine due to their focus on sustainability and their eco-harvesting process.

S.O.S. Krill Oil Supplements

SOS Krill is harvested in the Antarctic Ocean utilizing Aker BioMarine’s Eco-Harvesting technology. This fishing technique virtually eliminates all unwanted by-catch (such as other fish and marine wildlife), while ensuring that SOS Krill is of the highest quality available today.

Eco-Harvesting is a new technology developed by Aker BioMarine. Antarctic Krill have strong digestive enzymes, and when compressed using traditional fishing techniques, they starts to self-destruct, resulting in a lower-quality product. Therefore, Aker Biomarine's trawl stays in the water during the entire fishing operation while being pulled behind the fishing vessel.

As the krill are caught, they are gently pumped along with seawater directly onto the ship for immediate processing. The trawl’s unique design (see video below) and operation is designed to ensure that only krill is caught, virtually eliminating any by-catch.

Eco-Harvesting guarantees that SOS Krill is the purest krill oil on the market, and our commitment to sustainability is something you can feel good about.

Watch this video to learn more about the eco-harvesting process:

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